Share with your clients the full flexibility of your designs: display and explore parametric models in your browser.
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Design iteration has always been difficult to communicate with the right people, that's why we devised a tool (& methodology) to help leverage the felxibility of computational design in evnironments outside the architectural office. Parametric models can go beyond aesthetic and technical exploration: they can tell a story and they can be the base of collaborative decision making.

How does it work?

Step 1: Speckle exports the solution & performance space you define inside Grasshopper in a special file.

Step 2: You upload the file to future.speckle. Now anyone who you share the link with can view it online!

Step 3: Users can now explore the your parametric model in their browser!

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Example 1: Coloured Meshes

Example 2: Basic Canopy Structure

Example 3: Torsion Tower

If you want your design featured here, let me know!

Beta.Speckle is an open source project in its early development stages. We're welcoming contributors that want to get involved in a creative way!

The Speckle Project and the Speckle GH Component are licensed under GPL V2 and are available on GitHub.

Speckle Project  Speckle GH Component